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Our mission is to help families get their loved ones into the college of their dreams, while creating a College Cash Flow Solution™ to ensure the family has the most efficient way to pay the college bill.    

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Did you know...


  • Did you know less than 47% of students who embark on a college degree actually graduate with a degree ?

  • The cost of college is rising faster than the rate of inflation, making a college degree more difficult than ever to obtain.

  • The job market in America has become more competitive than ever, enhancing the importance of a college degree.

  • Your child has worked their whole life to get into the college of their dreams, but you're not sure how you're going to pay for college on an already tight budget.   


  • Most families fall victim to the "Financial Aid System" because they do not know the rules.

  • Our free workshops will teach you strategies on how to make college affordable, regardless of your income level.

  • At Our College Funding Workshops you will learn how the financial aid system is robbing middle class families of aid they actually should qualify for.

  • Making College Dreams Come True by providing the research, processes, and guidance to help families and their students achieve their personal and academic goals.

2/20/19 6:30 PM


Trumbull Library


33 Quality Street 

Trumbull, CT 06611

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2/28/2019 6:30PM


Case Memorial Library


176 Tyler City Road

 Orange, CT 06477

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Student Services Consultants


We will make your college preparation process simple, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Financial Aid Department


97% of families miss out on financial aid that they should qualify for.  Our financial aid department will fight for you to get every dollar your deserve.

College Cash Flow Solution


Our College Cash Flow Solution will show you how to pay for college most efficiently, while helping you stay on track with all of your financial goals and budgets.